Ongoing Projects:

1. New technique for exposure in revision arthroplasty- description and retrospective study.

2. RSA study to evaluate the new short stem – NANOS by Smith – Nephew.

3. Biomechanical study to evaluate the pull out strength using different screw configuration during acteabular cup fixation.

4. Comparative evaluation of BMP-2, Bone Marrow and Platelet gels for improving Spine Fusion. (MCW, USA and Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Memphis, USA)

5. Telemedicine for orthopedics in Rural Vidarbha, possibilities and road blocks: a pilot project. (NIIDAAN Orthopedic centre, India)

6. Using GIS to monitor trauma cases and suggest measures to improve the incidence of road traffic accidents. (Proposal submitted to WHO, German trauma society, Nagpur rural police)

7. Use of Rapid Prototyping and three dimensional reconstruction modeling in management of complex Acetabular Fracture.

8. Invited to be part of ASPIRE (aspirin for prevention of VTE) trial conducted by NIH, Australia.

9. Use of autologosus stem cells in cases of avascular necrosis of femoral head and gap non unions (phase III clinical trials).

Past Projects:

10. Co investigator in an international multicentre observational study of cohort of consecutive Asian patients undergoing orthopedic surgery conducted by Aventis pharmaceuticals.

11. Ambisepective audit of early post surgical orthopedic infection in a tertiary center due for submission as a dissertation for FCPS examination, College of Physician and Surgeons, Mumbai.

12. Co investigator in evaluating efficacy of CY 222 drug in arthritic patients: a double blinded study.

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