Patient Testimonials

Satyajeet & Poonam Deshpande:

“ I must say that u r one of those people who r making best of yr talent n humanity...... one of the finest docs i ve ever met :))So God pls see this comment :) “

Mrs Lakhani:

“You have given me second life. I was in pain and quite disabled due to my hip arthritis. After the hip replacement surgery, I am able to walk and climb stairs and I am really grateful for that.”

Erica forsyth:

“I am really glad the way my wound has healed, despite my surgery being a revision surgery, the scar looks nice and healthy”

Mr Anil Dupare:

“Doctor Saheb, You have taken really good care of me, and I am really happy after my surgery.”

Mrs Surya:

“You are like my son and I am happy that I had undergone the surgery under you. I was having really difficulty due to my knee arthritis. After my knee replacement I am able to walk for long distance and do all the activities I wanted to do and never thought I will be able to do”

Photos Gallery

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