1. Where can I find information about common orthopaedic conditions?

Link to information on common orthopaedic conditions is given on home page. User may visit the webpage to get the relevant information.

2. How can I book an appointment with Dr Vaibhav Bagaria?

Please call at one of the number mentioned in Book an appointment page or mail at drbagaria@gmail.com

3. What conditions do Dr Bagaria treat?

Dr Vaibhav Bagaria is an orthopedic surgeon specialising in joint replacement & sports injury surgeries.

4. I have a query about the type of implant for replacement surgeries and I keep hearing about various types of implants from different people, I am confused, What are the type of Implants and which is the best one

There are different type of implants made by different companies. So while implant can be cemented or uncemented, they can be made by different companies like Depuy ( Jhonson & Jhonson), Smith & nephew, Zimmer, Biomet, Stryker, Indus, Max, INOR etc. Choice of Implant depend on surgeons preference and also your individual condition. A detailed discussion about your condition and rationale behind using a particular implant with your doctor would be helpful

5. Which technique is better: computer navigated surgery or patients specific instrumentation?

Both the techniques have their advantages and disadvantages and no one technique is superior from the other one. A good surgical technique and patient factor are the most important determining factor in outcome following surgery.

6. What will be the cost of procedure? Is their a package rate available

There are paackages rates for some of the conditions , however they vary depending on the patient condition, however an anticipated cost can be obtained after an appointment & consultation

For any other query please mail us at drbagaria@gmail.com

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