Books and Chapters

1. R Rao; V Bagaria: The Pathophysiology of degenerative Disc Disease. Chapter in Orthopedic Knowledge update (OKU) Spine Vol 3, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Publication, (AAOS), Il, USA

2. R Rao; V Bagaria: Surgical Exposures of Spine. Section in Orthopedic Knowledge Online (OKO). American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Publication. 2005.(

3. Orthopaedic MCQs” – Bagaria VB, Keny S. MBD publication, New Delhi, India.(

4. “Orthopaedic Clinics” – Bagaria VB, Harshavardhana NS. Modern Publishers; New Delhi, India (in press).

5. Editor: Section on Arthroplasty for Comprehensive Text book on Orthopaedic Principles. (

6. Rapid Prototyping: Medical applications of Rapid Prototyping – A new horizon. Publishers: Intech Open Access Publication, Croatia.(

7. Arthroscopy Following Total Knee Replacement: techniques and Pitfalls. Knee Arthrosocpy. (

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